Lumber Jills Kick Out the Jam (Against the Royal Pains!)

Crown City’s Royal Pains Roll Into Second Season – Cortland Area Tribune


Skaters Speak…

Hey Crown City Rollerz, what do you like best about derby?

“That it challenges me in ways I’ve never allowed myself to be challenged physically.  The unique combination of physicality, entertainment, sisterhood and goodwill the sport offers.”

“It is a great sport, and fantastic exercise…the thing I like best about derby is that the ONLY thing I think about while doing it is DERBY.  All of my other problems melt away!  Plus, it makes me feel strong, and makes people say, “oh my god, you DO that?!” when I tell them I play.”

“I like the competitive nature of the sport and the ability to play as a member of a team.  It’s also a great workout that never gets boring.”

“Sisterhood.   The friendships that you make being part of a roller derby league are amazing.  I love that such a diverse group of people come together and help each other get stronger every week.  Roller derby creates a culture where teachers, tattoo artists, stay-at-home moms, police officers, college students, social workers, construction workers, engineers and waitresses can play as a team and empower each other.”

“I like to be where the action is.  I’m not scared to do anything or take chances.  I like the thrill of being agile on skates.  I enjoy being in a team scenario and am beginning to understand the strategy of the game.  I enjoy learning new things.  Most of all, I like the people I am involved with.”

“It’s the 1-2 hours the rest of the world disappears during my day.”

“I love being part of a team; part of a group of women that you know will have your back. I love being part of a physical, competitive sport that celebrates strong women. I love practicing a sport that allows me to work hard and get better.”

“I like being part of a team and I’m really excited to find something physical that I can get into. I’m looking forward to the positive effects to my self-esteem and my body.  And I just like to have fun and spend a little time on myself outside of the kids and hubby.”

“Blocking folks from passing on the inside, booty blocking, hits, you name it!”

“Best?  I like the challenge, both mentally & physically, it presents to me and knowing that derby is never perfect.  I like working on creating a pack mentality; getting used to and knowing the players around me and learning how they skate with others. I enjoy developing new skills and practicing them in bout situations – when something you see/learn clicks – and you use it to your team’s advantage?  Awesome.”

Who is your derby idol?

“That lady, you know her, she’s everywhere, what’s her name? She’s a single mom of two kids who works two jobs to pay the bills and still finds time to dedicate herself to 3+ days a week of training to do something for herself that nothing else can rival. I hope to be able to juggle a full-on family life someday while still ripping it up on the flat track.” – Evil Lucian #25

“SaraBellum. She’s an amazing skater, and is not only beautiful, but incredibly brilliant. Despite having all of these tremendous qualities and being a roller derby star, she’s humble, gracious, and giving to other skaters.” – HipSwitch #13

“Nicole Williams (Bonnie Thunders) is my derby hero. She has made derby her life through opening Five Stride and competing at the highest level possible in the derby world. She is a phenomenal, athletic skater and I am always striving to reach her level of skill and success. It is my dream to play against her in the national circuit someday.” – Helluva Mess #777

“Coach Kat, hands down. She has battled to overcome her own derby injury but hasn’t lost her love of the game. She devotes so much time and energy to make our team great on and off the track.” – Iva Secret #1974